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It is a tool that allows to completely manage the construction of conventional and unconventional oil wells, from drilling engineering to interventions when the well is productive. The solution manages the stages of drilling, completion, recompletations, interventions and abando of the well, that is, manages the complete life cycle of the wells.

For each stage Datawell allows to develop the well program and its corresponding AFE. As each of the aforementioned stages is being executed, Datawell allows to record in detail the operational maneuvers with their corresponding technical / economic variables, which are monitored periodically to avoid deviations from the programmed.
  • Design drilling programs.
  • Manage the AFE.
  • Capture maneuvers in the field.
  • Generate and send the daily operations part.
  • Generate control and management reports.
Main Features

Based on previous wells, Datawell allows the identification of theoretical drilling curves, fund set performance, trepanos performance, critical fishing zones, behaviors and trends of operative variances.

Well Program

The solution allows to create the well program with details of each maneuver to be carried out with its corresponding theoretical associated cost.

Data Analysis

Datawell has a query module so that each user can organize and view the recorded information according to their profile.


DATAWELL has several predefined reports, which can be customized to the needs of each company. The main ones are:

- Well Program
- Daily Operations Report
- Daily evolution of Costs and AFE
- Daily Journal of Geology
- Bit Records
- Fundsets
- Drilling Curves
- Part of Entubation
- Part of Cementation
- Pipe Tally
- Fisheries records
- Well equipment
- Wellhead
- Stitching
- Essays
- Stimulations


Datawell allows you to build a detailed budget, where all the necessary costs are recorded to successfully complete each stage of the well.

Daily Operations

The application allows you to record minute by minute the operations that are being carried out in the well. The most important tasks have a higher level of detail (cementing, casing, fishing, pricking, testing, etc.)

Well Scheme

Datawell allows to see in graphic form the scheme of the well as it is being built.


DataWell allows to monitor, in real time, operational and economic variables in each stage of the well.