Who we are

Our company was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing high-end solutions and added value to companies which not only need an IT product or service, but also a true technology partner.

To achieve this we focus on four pillars:

  • CLIENT: To build long-lasting business relationships of trust where synergy results in growth and mutual achievements. We have a portfolio of three or more successful projects with several of our clients.
  • TEAM: To form a team of people with outstanding technical foundations, service vocation, positive work attitude and excellent social skills. The human group is part of the most important asset of our company, that’s why we foster an environment of professional and personal development promoting growth and improvement.
  • KNOWLEDGE: To search systematically incorporating new technologies and methodologies that allow us to be prepared for any challenge. All that is incorporated part of our permanent knowledge base that allows us to have a broad diversity in technological scenarios. Our methodology are studied and improved continuously. This is essential to provide quality services and products.
  • QUALITY: To seek excellence in our processes and methods. We consider this area is essential to provide services and products meeting the expectations of our customers.

Nuestros procesos se encuentran certificados bajo la norma ISO 9001 con el siguiente alcance: “Comercialización, Desarrollo de Software, Servicio de Mantenimiento y Administración de Software, y Consultoría de Soluciones Tecnológicas”.

Certificación ISO9001